Styku is an LA based lean start-up dedicated to personalization technology in health, fitness, beauty, and fashion.


Styku (Style + Kinect + You) is spin-off of Tukatech, a 2D/3D CAD and 3D virtual prototyping software company operating in the cut and sew industry. Styku was founded after co-founder, Raj Sareen, started experimenting and building body scanners using off the shelf technology as a project for Tukatech. With the advent of low cost webcams, and then low cost IR sensors, interest grew in applications across the apparel industry, specifically in placing body scanners in retail stores for size and fit recommendations. Successful pilots with retailers such as Nordstrom proved the IR sensors (like the Kinect) were a viable alternative to more costly laser or white light systems.


Today, Styku’s emphasis has become more generalized to include a full and partial body scanning platform for health, fitness, beauty, and fashion applications. Our belief is that the human body’s shape and dimensions, when captured digitally, contains a wealth of information to help better our lives. And our mission is to help businesses and ordinary people realize this information in a cost-effective, safe, and engaging experience.